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Ultrasonic Cleaning for Ceramics

The cleaning of pottery presents a particularly interesting and dramatic application of Alphasound. For centuries, misprinted earthenware and porcelain has been relegated to the scrapheap contributing to the growing problem of landfill across the world. Now, thanks to the advent of Alphasound, most biscuit-fired (pre-glazed) earthenware and porcelain can be full recovered for re-printing. Using this method, savings are all-round, from a company costs point-of-view and from an environmental point-of-view.

Liverpool is not that far away from the 'Potteries', an area of the north midlands including the Stoke-on-Trent region of England that is famous for the manufacture of fine tableware and china. Wedgwood and Churchill China are amongst the many famous names that have factories in this region and both these companies have a requirement for ultrasonic processing as a part of their manufacturing process. Below left shows an Alphasound system as used at Churchill China's Tunstall factory.

This purpose built system is used in the company's re-work department; the sound technology has proved to be very successful in removing print or patterning from sub-standard biscuit-fired ware enabling a very high percentage recovery of the product. A large variety of applications for ultrasonic cleaning and processing are now common-place within the industry and trials are always taking place to find new and exciting ways of making use of this "smart-targeting" technology.

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