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Ultrasonic Cleaning Products

Flexo Cleaning Products

The flexographic printing is also dependent on the quality of the digitally produced plates. This essential element of the process will only be effective if the plates are in perfect condition for every run. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning of these plates can often damage them, meaning new plates need to be produced.

Luckily, Alphasonics have developed the PW and PC series which are totally non contact and will leave the plates clean, dry and most importantly undamaged, leaving them ready for storage or even the next print run. Please click the links to the left hand side for more information.

ALPHAS 057 (* NEW *)
Plate wash

"We have found the cleaning of cylinders is much more effective by using the Alphasound system. Cleaning time is only half the time of manual cleaning. By cleaning with the system we save a lot of money by not having to dechrome and rechrome cylinders that are only dirty."

Amcor Flexibles Europe | Frank Neumann