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Ultrasonic Cleaning Products

PW Series

This compact yet highly impressive lower cost system eliminates the problems associated with the cleaning and potential damage of high line flexo plates. The PW series cleans to supreme standards and now incorporates an air blade system which will dry the plate with absolutely no contact at any stage.

Features at a glance:

  • Systems available from narrow web through to corrugated
  • 400mm up to 3 metres tank length
  • Alphasound technology
  • Totally non contact plate cleaning
  • Plates microscopically cleaned
  • Easy loading/unloading
  • Semi automatic process
  • Up to 6 plates cleaned at a time
  • Greatly reduced risk of plate damage - even high line plates
  • Air blade system for non-contact drying of the plate
  • Low pH chemistry

"We have found the cleaning of cylinders is much more effective by using the Alphasound system. Cleaning time is only half the time of manual cleaning. By cleaning with the system we save a lot of money by not having to dechrome and rechrome cylinders that are only dirty."

Amcor Flexibles Europe | Frank Neumann